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Check This Easy Guide to Boost Your Home’s Curb Appeal

Check This Easy Guide to Boost Your Home's Curb Appeal

Check This Easy Guide to Boost Your Home’s Curb Appeal

Buyers are drawn to a property with great curb appeal like moths to a flame. Buyers interested in your home’s outside will want to know more about what’s inside. Fortunately, improving your home’s curb appeal doesn’t have to cost thousands of dollars. The challenge is to know what to focus on to give purchasers a visual feel of your house.

This simple method can help you increase your curb appeal while selling your house.


Get rid of leaves.

Clean your driveway and sidewalks of dirt and trash. Repair damaged concrete, asphalt, and pavers. Resurfacing can help restore damaged pathways to their former glory.

Fix the front door.

Your front entrance is undeniably the main point of your property, since all potential purchasers will pass through it. If they are welcomed with cobwebs and insects, they will be worried about what awaits them once they are inside. Clean and polish your front door to eliminate filth. You may also give it a new look by painting it. To make their front doors stand out, many homeowners paint them a bright blue or red on a white house. Don’t forget to paint the front door’s trim to finish the makeover.

Wash the windows and the home.

Don’t forget to clean your windows, especially those facing the street. Wash them with soapy water and squeegee, then dry them with newspapers or packing papers. Don’t forget the window ledges.

Clean and repair external lighting fixtures.

You don’t want potential buyers drawn to your front door but turned off by cobwebs covering your lighting fixtures, especially those on your front porch. Replace any burned-out light bulbs. If you find worn-out or corroded pieces, consider replacing them. Cheap light fixtures may be found at Home Depot or Lowe’s. Clean, well-placed lighting will help accentuate your home’s great curb appeal, especially if you have late-afternoon or evening showings.

Hide your trash cans and other eyesores.

Hide your stinky garbage cans, recycle bins, garden hoses, children’s toys, and other eyesores that might detract from your home’s beauty. If you have additional room in your garage, hide them with a fence and plants, or just relocate them out of sight during exhibiting seasons. So buyers may focus on your home’s qualities and renovations.

Remove weeds.

Keep a greener lawn. Water your lawn to make it look as green and lush as possible. Instead of seeding bare places, simply buy enough sod to cover them.

Clean the yard.

Trim the hedges, clean up the bushes, and remove dead plants, leaves, and tree limbs. Weeds in the driveway, sidewalk, fence, and flower beds are an eyesore that house buyers will notice. Remove spider webs and animal droppings.

Trim your trees.

This is especially important if your yard is surrounded by them. Remove dead trees and yard garbage to create a clutter-free yard.


So fix it! Inspect your fence and repair or paint any damaged areas. Trim any bushes or plants near the fence to prevent overgrowth.

Check your mailbox for damage.

Check if the metal stand is shaky, damaged, or rusted. If you don’t want to replace it, consider painting it to match your home’s outside. This is one simple way to add character to your home and appeal to potential purchasers.

Remember the garage door. 

Don’t ignore your garage door, especially if it’s in the front of your house and dominates its façade. Clean the door, repair any dents, and re-paint it if required to improve your home’s appeal. In the 2017 Remodeling Impact Report by the National Association of REALTORS®, at least 65% of homeowners replaced worn-out surfaces, finishes, and materials with new garage doors.

Repair the roof. 

A dirty and outdated roof may devalue a home, especially in aerial images and videos used in real estate listings. The roof is also visible from above and from the street, therefore it has to be maintained to optimize curb appeal. If it isn’t necessary to fully replace the roof, cleaning and replacing shingles will have a big impact on the overall appearance of your home. Don’t forget to clean and fix your gutters. All it takes is a good cleaning and some repairs to make your roof appear like new.

Plants and flowers in pots in the spring and summer. 

Adding potted plants and vibrant flowers to your yard and front entry may create a charming and inviting atmosphere. Because flower beds require a lot of area, decorative potted plants might be a good alternative. You can freely add plants and flowers to your front porch (more on that later), entryway, and garage.


Replacing the front doorknob. 

Consider replacing your front door handle if it is dull and worn. Many homeowners replace their front door handles to integrate their favourite design and colours, such as an elaborate handle.

Update your address.

Replacing a fading or missing house number may also give charm to your home. You may match your address number to the house’s design and colours, or just follow the newest trends. Like flowers and lights, it’s an investment that will boost your curb appeal. House numbers can be bought online or at local hardware stores.

Put down a fresh mat. 

As easy as it sounds, replacing your worn-out welcome mat with a new one is an inexpensive way to refresh your front doorway. It can also help remove dirt tracked in by potential purchasers during showings.

Build a front porch. 

This creates a warm and friendly ambiance, which increases your home’s desirability. Choose patio or porch decor based on size. Set up fresh flowers in beautiful pots or colourful greenery surrounding the area. You may also add nice furnishings like a seat, coffee table, and outdoor carpeting to match your home’s aesthetic. After all the cleaning and repairs, potential buyers will enjoy the home’s external cleanliness and tidiness, as well as the friendly mood your front porch will convey. It will allow customers to envision themselves enjoying a cup of coffee or a glass of beer in their front yard.


First impressions are very important when selling your home. If the outside looks neglected and dull, potential buyers may be put off from even viewing the house. Fortunately, even little repairs and renovations can improve your home’s curb appeal. A warm and inviting setting might entice purchasers to view the house. Remember to complete your study and preparation before you start working on such changes. Make a list of what you want to improve, what you will concentrate on first, and most crucially, your budget. 

Don’t forget! Your realtor can also offer you suggestions and feedback as they have the experience and knowledge about what buyers are looking for.

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