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City of Kitchener

City of Kitchener

Kitchener, a city on the move!

Kitchener ranks as a top choice for Canadians looking for a home. Kitchener offers all the excitement and amenities of a larger city while still retaining that small town feel.


Anchored by two of Canada’s best universities in Waterloo and Wilfred Laurier, #3 and #24 respectively according to Macleans, these higher education centers keep pumping out top-end talent. And who needs a consistent stream of great talent? Tech companies. 
It’s why Kitchener-Waterloo is home to many start-ups and tech giants like Google, Square, and Tulip Retail to name a few. 
The other key provider of jobs is the large insurance sector. Kitchener plays host to the headquarters of major insurance companies like SunLife, Manulife, and Economical insurance.

Public transit

The ION light rail system runs between the Fairway Station in Kitchener and  The Conestoga Station in Waterloo with 19 stations along the route. Stage 2 of the system will connect Kitchener to Cambridge.  Kitchener’s transit system includes an express bus network, conventional buses, busPLUS service for community routes and MobilityPLUS, a door-to-door transit service for riders with disabilities.


Kitchener has hot, humid summers with brisk, picturesque winters. Snow falls on average for 80.1 days with an average annual snowfall of 666mm or 22.22 inches of snow. Summers are amazing with temperatures in the high 20s and lots of sunshine


Kitchener has a vast array of elementary and secondary schools. Many choices, including private schools, French immersion, good transportation policies for school buses.
Also, The Region is home to two universities and one technical college:
The University of Waterloo – well known for its computer science, mathematics, and engineering programs – and
Wilfrid Laurier University – known for its business and economic programs.


Kitchener is an amazing place to raise a family. There is an abundance of entertainment venues for children and adults.  TheMuseum, in downtown, offers a range of interactive exhibits designed for all ages and the Centre in the Square attracts world renowned artists. Theatres, libraries, festivals, fairs, community centres and fitness clubs throughout the city offer great entertainment value for your family. There is even a new bike delivery system for a mini mobile bike-fueled caravan to deliver books to people in parks and other locations in the city.

Finding a Home

According to the Canadian Real Estate Board, Kitchener-Waterloo saw a record-breaking increase of 72.7% of new home sales compared to the same period last year.
Fair housing costs with a good selection.
Kitchener is a tech rich, business savvy mini Silicon Valley that is booming. Our version is more appealing….

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