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City of Waterloo

City Of waterloo Silicon Valley Of Canada

​​Waterloo is an active, thriving community in which to live, work, study and invest. The city has an urban artistic feel and is surrounded by beautiful scenic countryside. Affordable housing, strong community involvement, easy access to neighbouring cities and a plethora of exceptional secondary and post-secondary schools  make it easy to see why Waterloo is one of the top choices to live in the region. Compared to most other major cities in Southern Ontario buying a home in Waterloo is surprisingly affordable.

Waterloo is home to world-class employment and the employment rate is one of the highest in Ontario. The Region’s unemployment rate currently sits at five point five percent, making it a great place for our graduating students to find jobs.

Public transit

The Grand River Transit public transportation system within the Waterloo Region relies on a bus system. Plus, with the addition of our new ION light rail transit, getting around the city has never been easier.


Waterloo’s climate is termed humid continental. The area enjoys four distinct seasons, with predictable weather patterns, warm summer months, and moderate winters.
Winters usually last from mid-December to mid-April and snowfall is not overabundant, with sunny skies being common.


There are many learning opportunities for your children in Waterloo Region. As of 2007, there are four high schools based in Waterloo. The Waterloo Region District School Board operates three of them, while one is operated by the Waterloo Catholic District School Board.
The Region is home to two universities and one technical college:
The University of Waterloo – well known for its computer science, mathematics, and engineering programs – and
Wilfrid Laurier University – known for its business and economic programs.


The Waterloo Region is just a family-friendly region. There are an abundance of parks and open spaces for kids to enjoy (and grown-ups)such as Waterloo Park an 111 acre park within the centre of uptown Waterloo.Family-Friendly festivals are held throughout the year including music and art festivals and the highly anticipated Christmas festival. Most festivals are either free or very inexpensive to attend.

Finding a Home

One of the top attractions that keep people flocking to Waterloo is the affordability of housing. Waterloo has a wide range of housing types to meet the needs of various housing sizes, characteristics, and income ranges.


As well, the region has historic landmarks, a broad selection of excellent restaurants, thriving farmers’ markets, art galleries, museums, antique shops, and factory outlets.

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